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We are always accepting volunteers to assist with fundraising and distribution of the bags/purses! Your help will be appreciated.


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Lillys legacy helping the homeless 

Can't spend a dime? 
Then, spend some time... helping us help those in need

A great way to continually support Lilly's legacy is to log into your Amazon. smile account and choose Lilly's Legacy as your charity of choice! Amazon will donate a portion every time you make an Amazon purchase!!!

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Together, We Can Make A Difference

 Lilly's Legacy is a "legacy" of love for the less fortunate. Handed down now all the way to the great-grandchildren of Lilly and her husband Paul. They founded a shelter for women and children in Los Angeles in 1976 and their love for people extended to caring for over 25 foster children. 
Our vision is to bless the homeless! We began in 2015 with 14 purses filled with toiletries and basic hygiene items.
The first phase is our "purse project" being a purse or a backpack filled with things most of us take for granted and we help Men, Women and families in need, either on the street or in a program, rehab or home. We include Toiletry items, menstrual products, snacks, clean socks, first aid items, etc. that will show them the unconditional love of God in their life when they are at their lowest point in a tangible way, giving dignity and hope! We help absolutely anyone in need regardless of their background!!
​ Our new office as of May 1, 2021 brings a new found sense of organization after being a home based business for 6 years. Our office in Long Beach is a volunteer Center/ warehouse which we are quickly outgrowing!

Our future goals involve opening a facility to provide services such as a makeover (haircut) ministry, food bank, hot meals, counseling, 12 step program, devotions (church services), the sky is the limit to what God can do!
We serve Southern California and we welcome other individuals and groups to keep this vision going! We accept donations of all types of items and purses backpacks new or in good condition. We can also come to your group or church and speak to spur others on to give! We find that many people want to help those that they see that are less fortunate but they don't know what they can do to help them. We can take your donations and make sense of this!


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To help out those in need and provide toiletries and food
requires many hands. We've got the dedication and
motivation under our belt, but we need more help, and
​that's where you come in.
​ While you can volunteer with us directly, even
traveling to provide hope to those in need,
there's much you can do on your own. Contact us to
learn more about opportunities and ideas for donating,
fundraising, hosting events, campaigning, and involving
​your school or company.
Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible. We don't want to see people struggling to live. Let's spread the Gods love ! We are here to show unconditional love to people and love them like God loves them, unconditionally .

As of July 25,2021, We have given out 9,000 toiletry bags  and 13,000 lunches!

A Non Profit Corporation 

​​Serving Southern California


Most of us have things that we do not use that are vital to people in need!  We give out  blankets, toiletry bags, snacks/lunches etc. Every donation will be well-received to help those that are in need. Cash donations are always helpful!  Hit the Donate now button at the top of this page to give a one time gift or a reoccurring monthly pledge!    Since the beginning of the pandemic we have discontinued giving out clothing but  we have partnered with Affordable treasures in Bellflower. They will pick up donations and give us credit to get the things we need like sleeping bags, then your donations go to help us and three other Charities!

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